Sunday, March 08, 2009

5 tricks to get your man to the doctor's

Below are the five tricks to get your man to the doctor's (No screaming or begging involved)

Be the damsel in distress
In the coyest, most honey coated voice you can summon, ask him: "Sweetheart, how will you take care of me if you're not well?"

Treat him like a child
When he coughs, pat his back. When he sneezes, put a tissue to his nose and make him blow it. Baby him enough and he'll be begging to see the doctor. Men detest being treated like children.

Scare him silly
All men are terrified of becoming infertile. Gently remind him that staying sick affects his sperm count, and can even affect his virility. He'll be dying to see the doctor.

Strike while the iron is hot
Strike when he is dog tired and woozy. Tell him how his company has been squeezing every ounce of his energy and underpaying him then casually mention company benefits. Use the following words: "MC", "day off", "couch-potato" and most importantly, "FREE".

Tempt him with food
Consistently cook up the blandest dishes you can think of for him, and feast on his favourite dish at the same table. Make sure he smells what you're eating

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