Sunday, November 11, 2007

Say NO to Passive Smoking

Enough! We got to put a stop and prevent ourselves from being the passive smokers.

I was enjoying lunch with my family at a beef noodle restaurant located at OUG (Oversea United Garden), Kuala Lumpur on 12th November 2007 (Saturday).

It was kind of irritation while 2 young men sitting behind us light up the cigarettes and start puffing the second hand smoke. Within seconds, the air conditioned restaurant is filled up with the toxic gas.

I believe majority of us do not like it but can’t help to put a stop. A spontaneous decision is made where from then onward, I will snap their photos and published it at this blog.

What we could do is embarrass them by publishing forwarding their faces around the cyber world. You may help to reduce the passive smoking by spreading this article to your friends.

It is time to say NO to Passive Smoking!


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