Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Correct Way To Take Pills

Most people when they're suffering from flu commonly consume speculated tablets with warm water, not knowing whether the pill would safely reach the stomach. This could be serious and perhaps you should consider proper ways of swallowing pills.
Doctors Advice:
1.) Pills can be taken singly by using cold water. After swallowing, a person should drink a lot more water.
2.) Take your pills 30 minutes before you go to bed, don't go straight to bed immediately after taking pills.
Happened Incident:
One day a guy took some antibiotics and for not drinking enough water to flush it straight down to the stomach, the pill was lodged on the food tract and caused an inflammation. For six days he could only take cold milk and water-soluble food and was hospitalized for five days. The Doctor warned that should it get any worse, an ulcer in the intestine may result. So please exercise caution.
When taking medicine in pill or capsule form:
1.)DO NOT use warm or hot water / fruit juice / all kinds of sweet drinks to wash down the medicine.
2.)The right way is to down it with cold water. If you feel discomfort in the throat after taking a pill, drink lots of water or cold milk. Stand or sit straight when you take your pill and do not lie immediately.

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Jessen said...

Luckily I always practice the correct way to take pills. :)


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