Saturday, August 30, 2008

Say NO to Passive Smoking 3

I have visited to Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur yesterday evening. After came out from the Canon EOS Professional shop, I was having my dinner at Secret Recipe, 3rd floor.

While I was relaxing myself and thinking of getting a new Canon EOS 1000D Digital SLR for photography as well as snap shots of pictures for my blogs, some strong irritating passive cigarette smokes appeared
These two gentlemen were puffing at the air-conditioned area, and just below the “No Smoking
Warning Sign”. I wonder in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur, they are still people who are so selfish and ignorance against acts and laws.

If you hate passive smoking, please share this site to your friends.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Get moving and tone up

Strength training increases your metabolism. Muscle burns more fuel (kilojoules and calories) at rest than does fat. Each day, a pound of muscle burns over 10 times as much energy as a pound of fat just to maintain itself. So a couple of extra pound or kilos of muscle will automatically mean you burn off more food. Also, the stronger you are, the more likely you are to exercise, and you’ll look trimmer because you are toned.

Women should also practice exercises that will strengthen their pelvic muscles. This will strengthen muscles that hold the bladder. If you are pregnant, these exercises will help prepare the pelvic muscles for delivery. You can do Kegel exercises just about anywhere.

To do a Kegel: Tighten your muscles as if you were trying to stop your urine stream (but do it when you are not urinating.) Try not to tighten buttocks, inner thighs, or stomach muscles. Hold for 3 seconds. Repeat 10 times during the day. Work up to tightening your pelvic muscles for 10 seconds, 10 times a day.

If you are having your period try this stretch exercise, it will soothe the cramps; Lie on your back with your knees bent and feel flat on the floor. Grasp one thigh behind the knee and slowly pull it to your chest. Hold for 20 seconds, then lower your leg. Repeat three times with each leg.

Source: Health care booklet from Guardian pharmacy

Marco’s Comment:
Women and Men who exercise and work out the body looks not only healthy looking, but they are sexy, and attractive.
Kegel exercise can also enhance men and women sexual life as it could helps to deliver sexual orgasm for both.

Curing Coughs and Colds

Nothing cures colds but at the very least there are good symptom relievers on the market

Topical decongestants such as nasal sprays must not be used longer than five days at a time. They should be kept refrigerated and be discarded after a month.

Oral decongestants can cause insomnia, restlessness and should be avoided in patients with hypertension, heart problems, hyperthyroidism, diabetes or urinary retention.

Help with runny noses, watery eyes and dry cough. You should avoid driving, operating machinery and drinking alcohol if the antihistamine causes drowsiness.

Helps with fever and body aches.

Combination products
1. Decongestant and paracetamol- a useful combination if you have mild fever and some aches and pains- be careful not to take excessive doses of paracetamol.
2. Decongestant, paracetamol and cough suppressant- good when you also have a dry cough.
3. Decongestant, paracetamol and anthihismine- useful if you are suffering from a runny nose.

Source: Health care booklet from Guardian pharmacy

Marco's comment:
If possible, just relax and gain rest, drink lot of water will do.
Consume medicines only if necessary.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cancer-causing antibiotic found in popular luncheon pork

SINGAPORE- The agent of a popular mainland canned pork product has initiated a recall and suspended sales after tests showed a sample contained a cancer-causing antibiotic.The Centre for Food Safety yesterday revealed this after laboratory tests showed a sample of Shanghai Ma Ling B2 340g pork luncheon meat (less sodium) was found to have traces of nitrofurans.

The batch number is B25 for the product, which carries a best-before date of December 26, 2009 . According to the sole agent, the canned pork was imported on only two occasions- last December and January this year. The scare spread when Singapore's Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority detected carcinogenic traces in a consignment of canned pork from Ma Ling and Gulong food processing factories. These brands have been banned from entering Singapore since August 2007 for containing nitrofurans (an antibiotic for pigs).

Marco's comment:
Avoid processed food in all kinds.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

How do you treat yourself? (cold and cough)

1. Rest. Resting helps your immune system build up to fight the virus off.

2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day- this helps loosen mucus- hence easier to cough or blow out. Avoid drink that dehydrate further like coffee or tea and alcohol.

3. Take symptomatic medications to give you some comfort.

4. Inhale- use a few drops of menthol or eucalyptus oil in a bowl of steaming water. Put a towel over your head, close your eyes and breathe in the vapor.

5. Decongestant rubs help.

6. Gargle with warm, salty water to ease throat irritations.

7. Cough medications are very useful- decide whether it is a dry or wet cough and use a suppressant or mucolytic accordingly.

8. Be wary of pain-relieving medications and make sure you speak to your doctor or pharmacist. Aspirin, for example, should not be used in children.

Source: Health care booklet from Guardian pharmacy

Marco's Comment

Personally I would suggest water therapy to treat yourself while you are not feeling well or caught by cold or cough.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mind what you eat

1. Eat a balanced diet consisting of plenty of vegetables, fruit, legumes and cereals. Include lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs and nuts.

2. Prepare meals with little or no added fat, salt and sugar.

3. Drink plenty of water each day. If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation (1-2 drinks a day for women, 2-3 for men). However, if you’re trying to lose weight you should bear in mind that alcohol is low in nutrients and high in kilojoules.

4. Look at your food portions- if you are in the habit of piling up your plate, try gradually easing back. Bulking up with fruit and vegetables gives essential fibre and helps stave off hunger.

5. Don’t be hungry and don’t skip meals.

6. Cut the fat. Learn how to cook tasty, balanced low-fat-meals. You don’t have to love on cottage cheese and carrot sticks.

7. Choose foods with a low glycemic index (GI) such as fruits, vegetables and breakfast cereals. They can help you lose weight while keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

8. If you are about to have your monthly period, chances are that you will binge on “comfort food” such as chocolates, cakes and sweets. Satisfying an occasional craving is safe. If you must snack, then choose healthy food such as raw vegetables sticks, granola bars and such. It’ll satisfy the craving to munch on something and you won’t pile on the weight.
Source: Health care booklet from Guardian pharmacy


您可能會發現不久的將來香蕉會缺貨!! 香蕉愈成熟即表皮上黑斑愈多,它的免疫活性也就愈高。 日本人愛吃香蕉不是沒原因的,大、小朋友們都喜歡吃香蕉~真方便,每日五蔬果,疾病遠離我喔。

根據日本科學家的研究發現,香蕉中具有抗癌作用的物質TNF 。而且,香蕉愈成熟其抗癌效果愈高。日本東京大學教授山崎正利利用動物試驗,比較了香蕉、葡萄、蘋果、西瓜、菠蘿、梨子、柿子等多種水果的免疫活性,結果證實其中以香蕉的效果最好,能夠增加白血球,改善免疫系統的功能,還會產生攻擊異常細胞的物質TNF 。
山崎教授的試驗也發現,香蕉愈成熟即表皮上黑斑愈多,它的免疫活性也就愈高。所以從現在開始要吃熟一點的香蕉唷!香蕉不會使白血球盲目增長只有在數量少的時候才會大幅度增加。因此,專家們研究認為,香蕉具有的免疫激活作用比較溫和, 在人體狀態健康時並不會使免疫力異常升高. 但對病人、老人和抵抗力差的體弱者則很有效果。


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The 100th Health & Beauty Tips

This is the 100th post since I started this Health & Beauty Tips blog in November, 2005.

The objectives of this Health & Beauty Tips blog are basically as below:
1. To share the precious health and beauty tips to people around the world.
2. Archived of health and beauty tips

While we received health related information via forwarded email, what commonly done was read and forward. The distribution of this useful information might not reach most of the people who needed it.

People nowadays are flooded with information. How many of us will have all the health and beauty related information properly filed? The information that we received today might not come to our need today, but it may be something that we are desperately looking for in some other days.

Thus, in view of the 2 scenarios stated above, I believe by posting all the health and beauty tips in this blog via Blogger (blogspot), all the health and beauty tips are properly managed and reachable by people around the world.

Sunday, August 10, 2008







(三)一名男子罹患了肺癌,於一九七一年三月接受了切開手術,醫生檢查之後,發現癌腫已經擴充開來,情況相當的嚴重了,實在不能再著手醫治了,於是他把切口再封閉起來,使患者自生自滅了。 四月五日 起該男子開始了蘆筍療法,每天有恆地持績下去,如此到了八月,當他前往醫院接受X光檢查的結果,發現所有的癌腫竟完全的消失了。

(四)一名婦女長年以來為皮膚癌所苦,他吃藥打針,不但沒有治癒皮膚癌,反而在幾年之 後長出了七種不同的皮膚癌,使醫生都感覺到束手無策,拿她毫無辦法,這時她接受了友人的勸告,實行了蘆筍療法,每日不斷,三個月之後再前往檢查的結果,一切的皮膚癌症都消失了,疼痛亦無形中消失,醫生告訴她癌症已經完全的痊癒了。

依據這位婦女的發表,蘆筍療法不僅治癒了她的癌症,亦治好了她的腎臟病。 因為自從一九四九年以來,她陸續接受了三十次的腎臟 結石的切開手術,由於醫療費用毫無著落,以致演變到從政府方面接受特別醫療補助費哩! 她竟然靠著廉價的蘆筍治好了多年的皮膚癌以及腎臟病,怎能不叫她欣喜萬分呢? 不過我聽到了這道消息並不感到震驚,因為一九七一年,賓夕法尼亞大學發行的醫學雜誌,即提起蘆筍可能是腎臟結石的妙藥,又如一九七二年的雜誌亦刊載蘆筍可能消除膀胱結石等等。

那麼,蘆筍應該如何吃才能治療癌症呢? 這個問題並不困難,只要把蘆筍先行煮熟(或者使用罐頭裝的蘆筍也可以,功效是相同的),然後把蘆筍放入果汁機裡面打成泥狀,把這種蘆筍製成的泥狀物盛在容器裡,放入冰箱的冰凍室裡面,早晚各吃四大匙。


如今大家都談癌色變,我與妻子為了預防這種棘手的疾病之故,每天三餐都食用蘆筍泥(用菜湯沖泡或水沖薄之後飲用), 然後按時舉行血液檢查,結果我倆的身體一直健康無恙,站立於生物化學者的立場,我曾經仔細地研究癌的成因以及治療。



∼∼ 多多傳授,功德無量∼∼


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Fountain Of Youth: Hyaluronic Acid

Why your skin ages
Basically, there are two types of ageing: intrinsic (biological & inherent) and extrinsic (environment & lifestyle) ageing. As you age, your skin will start to lose its elasticity and suppleness due to a decrease in natural oil production and moisture retention. As a result, the skin becomes drier and more vulnerable to damage and this can be characterized by deep wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin and pigmentation.

Dermatologists have discovered that one of the reasons for wrinkles is the decreasing production, and concentration, of hyaluronic acid in the skin. With decreasing levels of hyaluronic acid, during the ageing process, the loss of volume causes connective tissues to literally dip and wrinkles to form.

Hyaluronic Acid, the natural wrinkle filler
Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluron, is not really an acid. It is a carbohydrate found in the body. 50% of all the hyaluronic acid in your body is found in your skin. Hyaluronic acid in the skin makes up the extracellular matrix which fills up the spaces between skin cells. This matrix is key to plumping up skin as it holds a large amount of water. Without a healthy extracellular matrix, your skin will be rough and wrinkled. Hyaluronic acid is also vital in maintaining good collagen levels, firmness and elasticity.

When you are young, your skin and body have the ability to produce sufficient levels of hyaluronic acid needed but this process becomes less efficient as you grow older.

It is estimated that by the age of 60, the hyaluronic acid level in a woman would have dropped to a quarter of the level found in a baby’s skin. Thus, it is crucial to use skincare products containing hyaluronic acid to help skin maintain sufficient moisture retention to stay wrinkle-free.

Commonly used by dermatologist
Dermatologists and aestheticians are now commonly using hyaluronic acid fillers to improve skin countour and to plump up deep wrinkles. No allergy test is required, unlike collagen, because allergic side effects are very rare with this natural dermal filler. The filler effects can last up to six months or longer.

Interesting facts of hyaluronic acid
It is approved by FDA in USA as one of the most modern and safest options for dermal filling treatment.
One gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to 6 liters of water.
50% of the hyaluronic acid in our body can be found in our skin.
UVB rays affect skin’s production of hyaluronic acid.
Half of the hyaluronic acid in our skin breaks down in 24 hours. Skincare products containing hyaluronic acid help skin maintain sufficient moisture retention to stay wrinkle-free.-Eucerin

Marco’s comment:
No doubt with sophisticated skincare product like hyaluronic acid filler, people can fight ageing by consuming such product. But, in my opinion, maintaining healthy lifestyle should have address the ageing process in more efficient way and yet natural.

According to one article from Readers’ Digest, a quality sleep will enable the body to fine tune, repair and release hormones for better health and beauty of one.

Thus, besides skincare product, healthy lifestyle and quality sleep is definitely mandatory for a beautiful, healthy and sexy outlook.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Do antibiotics help?

It is very important to remember that antibiotics only help in infections caused by bacteria. They have no effects on viruses. Hence antibiotics do not help with colds. You have to allow your immune system to fight the viruses!

Besides that, antibiotics do not help with any of the cold and cough symptoms either. They do not stop your condition from getting worse and also do not stop you from spreading the viruses to other people.

Very importantly, the use of antibiotics when you do not need them makes them less effective when you eventually do need antibiotics for a bacterial infection. This also increases resistance to antibiotics in the community.

Use of antibiotics can also cause unwanted side effects such as stomach discomfort, diarrhea, fungal infections such as thrush and allergic reactions.

It usually suffices to get adequate rest and use symptomatic treatments.

Source: Health care booklet from Guardian pharmacy

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Have goals and rewards to lose weight

Decide what is a healthy, achievable and sustainable weight for you and give yourself a time-frame to achieve it. Take it very slowly (about a kilogram a month) as weight lost quickly comes back quickly. Set a number of short-term goals so you have a sense of achievement, and reward yourself with non-food treats when you achieve them.

Source: Health care booklet from Guardian pharmacy


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