Monday, August 25, 2008

Curing Coughs and Colds

Nothing cures colds but at the very least there are good symptom relievers on the market

Topical decongestants such as nasal sprays must not be used longer than five days at a time. They should be kept refrigerated and be discarded after a month.

Oral decongestants can cause insomnia, restlessness and should be avoided in patients with hypertension, heart problems, hyperthyroidism, diabetes or urinary retention.

Help with runny noses, watery eyes and dry cough. You should avoid driving, operating machinery and drinking alcohol if the antihistamine causes drowsiness.

Helps with fever and body aches.

Combination products
1. Decongestant and paracetamol- a useful combination if you have mild fever and some aches and pains- be careful not to take excessive doses of paracetamol.
2. Decongestant, paracetamol and cough suppressant- good when you also have a dry cough.
3. Decongestant, paracetamol and anthihismine- useful if you are suffering from a runny nose.

Source: Health care booklet from Guardian pharmacy

Marco's comment:
If possible, just relax and gain rest, drink lot of water will do.
Consume medicines only if necessary.

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