Monday, January 12, 2009

Sport and masculinity

Sport is an expression of masculinity and an important form of physical exercise. Regular sporting improves:

- strength
- muscle growth
- blood circulation
- endurance
- stamina
- reduces weight gain
- reduces stress
- improves the physical appearance

Remember that your heart is also a muscle and regular workouts can strengthen your heart. However, due to the physical and mental demands of the present work culture, most men do not find time for sports or even physical exercise despite consuming regular rich diets. The lack of engaging in sporting activities or physical exercise can dampen masculinity and in the long term contribute to obesity.

Men often suffer from work-related stress, sleeping disorders and poor memory. They are unmotivated to exercise, lack sexual desire and suffer from various illnesses as a result of fatigue and energy deficiency. Healthy men have improved brain and physical function, and better work-related performance in their routine daily activities compared with those who lack vitality and suffer from fatigue.

Source: Health care booklet from Guardian pharmacy
Marco's comment:
If you really got no time to do exercise, try to treat housework as exercise. As long as you keep your body moving and sweating, it is as good as doing exercise.

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