Friday, January 02, 2009

Mascara application tips and tricks

Tips and tricks on how to achieve perfect lashes by Revlon International makeup artist Elsa Morgan.

1. For full perfect lashes (or the illusion of) you can first start by very subtly lining the top lash line in a black or brown eye liner to add the effect of fuller lashes. You shouldn’t really see the line as such; it’s just to really fill in any areas between the lashes that may be missed by mascara.

2. Next, curl the lashes with a good eyelash curler. Curl from root base out to tip. It’s important to do this before applying mascara. Curling after mascara risks damaging the lashes.

3. Apply the mascara by wiggling the mascara wand horizontally at the base of lash line first. Then pull the wand out to coat the entire lash. Do this a few times to catch each lash from inner to outer corner. Add a few coats but be careful of clumps on your final application

4. Comb through with a lash comb or brush and use this action to place the lashes in a perfect fan-like shape.

5. I don’t generally do the lower lashes unless they are really short otherwise you risk looking too doll-like. But if you choose to, use the lash comb to comb away most of the mascara so that it has more of a tinting effect.

6. My general tip for mascara would be to remember that it is one of the most important make-up products we have to make magic happen- like how a beautiful frame can really set off any piece of artwork!

7. And keep in mind that mascara not only adds depth of colour and volume but also acts as a setting lotion, which is why curling immediately before, and combing immediately after applying the mascara (i.e. while it is still wet) will make all the difference to the end result!

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