Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pinhole Eyeglasses

Prescription spectacle had come to my life since I was just 7-year-old due to Myopia (near sightedness) and astigmatism. Childhood likes computing, watching TV, video gaming, reading and writing has worsened my eyes condition.

My eyes sights were further worsened during my college time where in order to meet the assignments, projects and thesis submission deadlines; we were focusing at the computer screen in long hour days and nights.

Thus, I am very keen in finding ways and means to improve my eyes condition. Efforts that I have put in includes minimise activities like watching television, do not read in the dark, wearing computer lenses and massaging my eyes.

But all the efforts can’t really help much due to city lifestyle. As working adult, our eyes are focusing at the computer screen during working hour. Back from work, majorities of the city folks will further strained our eyes starring at television screen, computer monitor, reading, and so forth.

Even with prescription eyeglasses, we feel tired after reading newspaper or watching TV screen because constant close up focusing causes the strain at our eyes. This answers that why after reading newspaper, we tend to fall asleep easier. It is because our eyes are constantly stressed during the reading activity.

Now, we have an alternative that allow us to read, write, play video game, computing and watching television without stressing our eyes. I have got myself a pair of pinhole eyeglasses a week ago; I uses the pinhole glasses to watch television, blogging and reading newspaper.

To my surprise, even without the prescription eyeglasses my vision is perfect with the pinhole glasses. Besides, I feel very relax after reading, watching television and computing. In the past, I just feel tired and my eyes were strained after these activities.

It is a good start indeed, hopefully in long run; the pinhole glasses could make positive correction on my myopia and astigmatism condition.


計計計 said...

How much improvement is now? coz i also want to try after reading this blog.


Marco said...

I just went for an inspection last week, the optician said there is no increase of power as per the old eye glasses which has been with me for 5 years.

One thing is I 'm not wearing the pinhole eye glasses regularly.

You may go ahead and try it. It should help.

And I will make an effort myself to wear the pinhole eye glasses more often.

Keep me update on your progress. Good luck!


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