Saturday, September 20, 2008

Be aware of your own breasts

Start routine breast self examinations as early as 20 years of age especially if you have a family history of breast cancer (grandmother, mother, aunt, sister). You need to examine your breasts two to three days after the end of your period every month. Look out for:
-Lumps or any change in breast size or shape
-Swelling, redness and warmth or dimpling of the skin
-Nipple discharge
-Pain that isn’t related to your menstrual cycle

For the correct technique on how to do a breast self examination, do consult your doctor or you can get tips from the Breast Cancer Welfare Association at (+603-7949 2093).

Choosing a doctor whom you are comfortable with
Women must see their family doctor or gynaecologist regularly, at least once a year for all important PAP smear and breast examination. Early detection of gynaecological related cancers can save your life. The choice of a male or female doctor is entirely up to you- most importantly, he or she must make you feel comfortable.

When you do visit your doctor be sure be enquire about which test you should do (depending on your age, risk factors, family history etc).

Source: Health care booklet from Guardian pharmacy

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