Friday, December 18, 2009

Squat Toilet vs Sit-down Toilet (Sanitary)

It has been an issue to find a clean toilet for ladies who need to attend to the nature's call especially in suburban area. The scenario has become worsen as the modern public washrooms are installed with sit-down toilets instead of the old days squat toilets.

Personally, I found that the squat toilets are more sanitary than their seated counterparts as the buttocks need not come into actual contact with the toilet and may aid in preventing hemorrhoids and other diseases.

No doubt that sit-down toilet is more comfortable and is more suitable for the old folks as compared to the squat toilet.

In Malaysia, you can easily find that most of the toilet seats at public washrooms are splashed with urine (yellow stained) and some users even squat on it. With these facts, I believe it is a need for the related authorities to installed both sit-down toilets and squat toilets in public restrooms.

What do you think? Please response to the poll at the sidebar entitled "Squat Toilet or Sit-down Toilet", who knows if the poll result can help in convincing the related authorities to restore the squat toilets for public convenience.


Anonymous said...

Urinarios turcos

Marco said...

Hi Anonymous, what does 'urinarios turcos' means?

Anonymous said...

Squat toilette

molly said...

I dont mind squad or sit toilet but the problem is the public toilet are usually dirty and unbearable. I think the public should go for toilet train. Haha


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