Sunday, February 01, 2009

Is your life being interrupted by liver problem?

Liver is the largest organ in human body but it is almost not innervated, therefore you will not have obvious pain when your liver is damaged; in addition to potent regenerative ability of liver, it is still able to maintain normal function without prominent symptoms despite of removal or damage of liver up to ¾ of it, thus it is easily overlooked most of the time. However, once the liver condition deteriorates then prolonged treatment is required to heal it.

Functions of liver:
1. As factory of detoxification, responsible for removal and filtration of toxins throughout the body such as bacteria and harmful chemical substances.
2. Produces enzymes.
3. Produces bile juice for digestion of fat.
4. Synthesizes protein.

Main causes for liver damage:
Constant or excessive alcohol consumption will lead to accumulation of fat in liver cells causing enlargement of liver (hepatomegaly) and this is known as fatty liver. Fatty liver has smooth surface and sometimes is painful on palpation. It is worth to take note that alcohol metabolism in the body of Eastern people does not occur as fast as that of Western people and they are more prone to discomfort after drinking alcohol, thus the amount of consumption should not exceed proper limit.

However, medical experts have found from numerous clinical studies that apart from alcohol drinking, 35% of fulminating liver failure are caused by medication. Experts point out that “all drugs are toxic to some extent.” There is a wide range of medications that cause liver damage and many of these are familiar to us such as flu drug, antibiotics and herbal medicines, etc. People nowadays are in favour of mixing traditional medicine with modern medicine which may cause overdose without being aware of it.

Excessive intake of food with high fat content will cause deposition of fat within liver cells and change of liver cells which is medically known as fatty liver. Constant worsening of fatty liver will develop into liver cirrhosis and even leading to liver failure.

Source: Perfect World Vol. 01/09

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