Sunday, December 21, 2008

Skin Whitening

What is skin whitening? In the history of Japan, geishas are known for their painted white skin which represents beauty, grace and high social status. In today’s changing modern society, the perception of fairer skin is evolving, where some say fair skin is white skin while others would argue that fair skin is just that: fair skin.

But how does one get fairer skin then? Do you hide under the shade? Apply skin whitening products? Or do you make your own remedy? In the world today, skin whitening products are available in various forms. Be it creams, soaps, pills and lotions, all of them serve only one purpose, to help our skin become fairer. There are of course simple remedies and courses that can be taken to whiten our skin.
Source: Health care booklet from Guardian pharmacy
Marco's comment:
It is true that fair skin somehow looks better, provided you looks healthy as well.

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